Praise for Digitalized Finance

“Edemilson Paraná offers the reader a rich panorama of the transformations imposed on the world by the financial globalization … There is no available work similar to this book by Edemilson Paraná. It is essential reading for the understanding of the determinant characteristics of contemporary financial capitalism”.

Alfredo Saad Filho
King’s College London


“Edemilson Paraná carries out, in a materialistic key, an insightful and well-grounded analysis of the role of information and communication technologies in deepening and strengthening the financialisation of the world economy … The product of his analysis is formidable”.

Leda Paulani
University of São Paulo (USP)


“The book by Edemilson Paraná carries out a rare feat. It deals with the promiscuous relations between ‘financialisation’ and the nature of technical progress in the recent period. Edemilson analyzes the acceleration of time and the shrinking of space, twin phenomena that Marx unveiled in the movement of real abstraction generated in the bowels of the capital regime”.

Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo
University of Campinas (Unicamp)


“Edemilson Paraná’s study poses as a real possibility to expand the interlocution between different areas of knowledge, not only with economics, but with history, geography, political science, law, computer science and many others that, in one way or another, touch on contemporary technological problems, as well as on the new world that emerges from the new bases of expansion of capitalism”.

Michelangelo G. S. Trigueiro
University of Brasília (UnB)